Adams: Drums of Winter
Burritt: Timeless
Cage: Living Room Music
Cage: Third Construction
Cole: Postludes
Fambrough: Occam’s Razor*
Fambrough: Shadowfax*
Golden: Vestiges*
Landers: They are Guarded by the Giant*
Lang: The So-Called Laws of Nature pt.2
Lansky: Threads
Ohana: Études chorégraphiques
Powell: The Gilded Cage
Price: Suckerpunch!*
Reich: Clapping Music
Reich: Drumming pt.1
Reich: Mallet Quartet
Reich: Music for Pieces of Wood
Riley: In C
Rouse: Ku-Ka Ilimoku
Skidmore: Ritual Music
Treuting: Life is (blank)

* denotes world premiere performance